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"Leaves the jury on the edge of their seats" Geoffrey Rivlin QC Former Resident Judge 

"John Cooper has an impressive capacity to absorb and understand complex financial material and then utilise it to devastating effect in the intersts of his client. He always brings the best out of his expert" Andrew Donaldson Forensic Accounting Partner. Dains Forensic LLP 

"John Cooper has provided lucid and

powerful advice to both myself and the

Home Affairs Select Committee. In court

he is a fearless and eloquent advocate

for his clients" Rt. Hon. Keith Vaz MP Chair

of the Home Affairs Select Committee



All categories of serious crime and high value fraud. Significant and successful Appellate practice.


Notable cases include:

R v Paul Chambers [Twitter Joke Trial. Internet threats to kill. Successful Appeal]

R v Nicola Edgington [Murder defence involving complex mental health issues]

R v Isaac Marrache & Others [In the Gibraltar High Court. Multi million pound international fraud, resulting in part-accquittal of partner of a solicitor's firm]


R v Hamza [Representing son of Abu Hamza in Finsbury Park Mosque Trial Accquittal]

R v Bougaba [Ricin Terrorist Case]

R v Kai Whitewind [Roy Meadow's Baby Shaking Case]

R v Steven Packman [Leah Betts Ecstacy Trial representing defendant in accquittal]

Re Micky Steele [Rettenden, 'Essex Boys' Case re Criminal Cases Review Appeal]

R v Ryan Cleary [Cybercrime Pentagon Hacking Trial]

R v Herbie Austin [Multi million pound International Confiscation Hearing]

R v Russell Knaggs, Kasim Koubari & Others [Multi million pound International Class A drug conspiracy accquittal]


R v Kavuala [South London Gangland Murder Trial resulting in accquittal]

R v Reid [London Gangland Murder Trial resulting in accquittal]

R v Joseph Beard [First Jury Contempt Trial re inappropriate use of internet and contempt of court]


R v Paul Page [Buckingham Palace Police Corruption Case]

R v Danielle Russell [Not Guilty Murder in 'Honeytrap' Trial] 




Experienced representation of doctors, police officers, lawyers, sports people and other professionals in disciplinary and regulatory tribunals and advisory work.


Notable clients include a number of Premiership referees, an Olympic Gold Medalist, high profile sports people, major movie directors and celebrities. 


Experience in advisory work at the International Court of Arbitration in Switzerland.


Skilled in pre-hearing advisory work often resulting in the dropping of cases against clients. 


See also associated reputation management experience. 

"...Counsel were absolutely brilliant."

Janet and Paul Betts: 'Living Without Leah' 

"A dear friend, colleague and comrade" Michael Mansfield QC 

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John in the Court of Appeal


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