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"Being able to call on the advice and expertise of one of the country's leading Human Rights QC's has been invaluable to our organisation over many years. John is especially helpful when we are faced with complex, urgent cases" Lynn Carter Director. Prisoners of Conscience

"The detail and analysis contained in Mr Cooper's work has been inspirational. At a time when myself, my family and others in the situation of loss or harm as a result of military service, have felt isolated and vulnerable, John Cooper's commitment to our cases has been unflinching and sustained." Deepcut Family 

"An opportunity for Counsel to cross-examine in a very

robust and thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding James Collinson's death" 

Pete Wishart MP

House of Commons debate on Deepcut Barracks Case.

(Hansard 3rd May 2006)


An extensive and Leading Human Rights Portfolio includes:


Occupy St Pauls [For Protestors, 5 day High Court and Court of Appeal Hearings re Freedom of Speech and Right to Protest]


Iran Torture Inquiry [In The Hague representing the bereaved and victims of torture]


Shaker Aamer [Advised 'Reprieve', Clive Stafford Smith on security related issues]


Northern Rock [Article 1 Protocol 1 case on behalf of some investors


 BCCI ['Stigma' Claims for Class Action relating to former employees of BCCI]


Re Ronald Hook [In association with 'Justice' challenging the use of the dock in criminal trials]


Hercules Inquest [Representing families of bereaved airmen at inquest following largest loss of life in a single aircraft incident since the Second World War]


Puma Inquest [For the bereaved in the Puma Helicopter crash inquest following 'brown out' incident]


Gordon Gentle [For the bereaved in pre hearing appearance and advisory work]


Nimrod [Arguing before the Master and settling claim for bereaved in Military Aircraft fatality]


Jacintha Saldanha [For the bereaved in the Australian DJ 'hoax' inquest] 


James Collinson [Deepcut Inquest] [Representing bereaved in three week inquest into the death of the Deepcut Barracks soldier]


Advising Slovakian government on Criminal Justice and Human Rights issues 2002 Advising Cambodian government on War Crime trial procedure 2000

"Without Mr Cooper's skill and support during this difficult time, the burden of the case would have been almost unbearable"

George Mc Neilage

Father of Private Gordon Gentle 

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John with Keith Vaz MP & the Saldanha Family at the Jacintha Saldanha Inquest


John representing Occupy St Paul's

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