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"Charismatic and a powerful communicatior."

October Films

" impressive performance, which was both natural and highly entertaining.

The tone...was a perfect balance

between humour and authority. An absolute pleasure to work with."



John Cooper, who is represnted by leading agents, Independent Talent , has an extensive broadcasting presence having appeared and presented in countless television and radio productions, which include:


BBC Radio 4 Moral Maze


BBC Radio 4 Any Questions


Teens on Trial: Channel 4 [Presenting six part programme on Juvenile Offending]


Allies on Trial: Newsnight Special BBC Two [Presenting arguments]


Mindfield: BBC Three [Presenting]


Artist Taxi Driver Interview 


The Big Questions BBC One


Newsnight BBC Two


Channel Five Interview


Closing Address on behalf of Dr Crippen [He was acquitted in this mock trial] 


Channel Five Old Bailey Interview


Edinburgh Television Festival: Cameras in Court


Battle of Ideas: Public Inquiries Debate






"The Cure was so very favourably reported." Nicholas Wright. National Theatre. Production at The Royal Court Theatre. The Cure.


"Sharp and funny new play." City Limits. Burning Point


"John Cooper's chilling play." Daily Telegraph. The Law Lord


"A powerful political drama." Daily Express. The Law Lord


"Brilliantly cast, pacily directed, handsomely photographed, discreetly controversial - this was superior entertainment of the kind on which the BBC is justifiably likes to pride itself." Jane Shilling, Daily Telegraph. The Law Lord


"The Advocates, a kind of tartan-clad LA Law." Robin Hunt, Sunday Times. The Advocates


"Like Taggart, clues and counter clues abound." Elizabeth Cowley, Daily Mail. The Advocates


"Witty, tactfully filmed plots peppered with quirky characters that you would rarely see in your average LA Law." Compton Miller, Daily Express. The Advocates


"Scenes flick past at giddying speed, but, fortunately bodies also pile up at a similar rate. Having a pathologist who is an Abba fan is a nice touch of morgue humour and sums up the shows new style." Geoffrey Phillips, London Evening Standard. The Advocates


"A sure grip on the storylines and even a sense of humour." Daily Star. The Advocates


"A gripping thriller." Sunday Times. The Advocates



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